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While making the difficult decision to move our elderly parents from their home to a facility that could better serve their needs, my sister and I quickly realized we had very little knowledge how to navigate this process. What kind of care home would best suit them? Can they afford to make the move? How will we help them understand that what we are doing is in their best interest? How do we deal with their difficult behavior as we navigate this transition? How will we downsize their belongings?

We were extremely fortunate to be lead to Exceptional Senior Placement Services (ESP) and had no idea their vast knowledge and expertise would get us through many confusing and complicated days. All of our questions were thoughtfully and expertly addressed by David Cohen and Susan Thaxton. From day one we were cared for with gentle understanding and authentic kindness. We felt completely supported by David and Susan throughout this entire process.

David and Susan always replied to our email and phone calls very promptly. Their reassuring thoughts and positive attitudes provided a bounty of insight that helped us achieve our ultimate goal of moving Mom and Dad to a facility where they would be safe, comfortable, and well cared for. Thank you David and Susan for holding our hands and our hearts from beginning end.