About Us

About Us

Exceptional Senior Placement (ESP) is truly a labor of love. The company’s founding principles were ones of caring and support, and these principles govern ESP to this very day. Founded in 2006 with the challenge of helping a friend find the right placement for a loved one, ESP is owned and run by David and Rachel Cohen. Over the years, the ESP team realized how important emotional support is to family members who need help with senior placement. Those foundational principles of compassion, dignity, and respect are the pillars that uphold the daily operations at ESP. ‘We treat everyone who reaches out to ESP for assistance in a manner consistent with our core values. We have a passion for what we do, and we derive a great sense of fulfillment by helping individuals and families find the proper placement for themselves or a loved one.’

The Exceptional Senior Placement Services Team

The ESP team has a deep understanding of their communities. The process they use to help clients find a long-term solution is one that has been trusted by individuals just like you. Each year, ESP tours over 600 communities with clients. Thus the company has a direct link to the pulse of the industry, and ESP applies that expertise in serving its clients.

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David Cohen

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