We can’t thank our amazing families enough for the trust they place in our service as we navigate this process together. We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have this opportunity to help and meet such wonderful people during this journey we share. Thank you to those that have left the kind words below and to those who have expressed their gratitude in so many different ways.

Sincerely Rachel, David Cohen and Team ESP

We called David Cohen as we were in a situation where our Aunt was going to need long term care.  We wanted to find an assisted living close to us.  David was incredible.  He spoke to us via phone and asked lots of questions about our situation to help us find options as soon as he could.

David set us up tours right away and made the whole stressful process so much easier for us.  He knew what questions to ask and what to look for in each living arrangement.  His suggestions were spot on and we chose one of them and have not been disappointed.

We highly recommend calling David if you need any help with a new situation involving a senior who needs a new living situation.

Karen O.

My brother had open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve at Kasier Hospital in San Francisco.  When he was in the  Intensive Care Unit only for the second day, a social worker was already at his bedside asking where he was going to go when he was released from the hospital.  He was still woozy from anesthesia and he had tubes in him for drainage. I was appalled by this situation.  I contacted the social worker at Kaiser and told her how I felt about their insensitive approach towards patients like my brother.  The social worker realized I did not want to continue dealing with her and put me in contact with Rachel from ESP.  What a Blessing!!

Rachel was such a pleasure to work with through all the ups and downs we encountered trying to find a place he could stay for two weeks to help assist him to gain his strength and independence back.  Rachel was compassionate, understanding and was always reassuring me we would find a place that my brother could afford and be comfortable with.  I can’t say “Thank You” enough to Rachel.  She helped me through a hard situation I had never handled before.  I will never forget the kindness and comfort she provided me during this difficult time.  Thanks again Rachel, and all the work you and your husband do for seniors.  You truly make a difference in their lives.


I can’t say enough about how wonderful Rachel was during my parent’s transition to assisted living.  What started as an investigation for the future turned into an emergency where Dad needed to be placed within a day. Rachel responded with grace, helped us equip the room, managed the process, and set our expectations for the days and weeks to come.  We would have been lost without her and the transition would have been so much harder.

Madeline L.

I live in North Carolina and I had to move my 92 year old grandmother Facility in California. He was compassionate and very professional. Rachel who works closely with him was very understanding as well. David Cohen provided service far beyond what I expecting. He answered questions, problem-solved, and helped me to find the necessary solutions. He made the transition very easy. David above and beyond the call of duty.  Words can not express the debt of gratitude I owe this service.

Willyetta M.

Recently we needed to find a temporary place for my senior Mom, and weren’t having any luck finding availability.  I found out about Exceptional Senior Placement Services through YELP, and Rachel returned my call immediately.  Rachel was EXCEPTIONAL to work with – very professional, friendly, caring, efficient, and quickly found a wonderful place that was able to care for my Mom. Since I don’t live close by, it was extremely helpful that Rachel did all the legwork, phone calls, and arrangements to make this happen – she worked tirelessly on our behalf.   I would definitely recommend Rachel, and ESPS, and would not hesitate to work with them again!  Can’t say “Thank You” enough!

Eve P.

David and Rachel get 5/star plus for how they handled finding a home for my brother, and it was not an easy process.  I was so impressed with their daily follow-up, both in writing and phone calls.  They even did all the background work with an out of state disability insurance company when I had all but given up finding a suitable place.  It was the best service I have received from any type of transaction for many, many years.  They could teach a course on how to treat people through difficult times!  I  felt through they had my brothers health and welfare first in their minds and they didn’t stop until they found a good match.  Too bad all American businesses are not run as efficiently and with such heart as Exceptional Senior Placement.

Paulette B.

David helped us at a very difficult time.  My mother in law was “kicked out” of Saint Paul’s Tower because she “outgrew” their ability to care for her.  David found us a great option for her that we never even considered after she was rejected by Atria of Lafayette as well.  He is diligent, caring, very professional, resourceful and knowledgeable.  He called us and followed up with us several times a day.  We were treated like we were his only clients.  He is a joy to work with.  I wish I can give 10 stars! Do not hesitate to call David.  He will have options you did not know existed and the service is free to you, he is paid by the facility.

Katherine B.

Spoke with David – he was great – definitely knowledgeable and didn’t waste my time.  He understood what I was looking for and gave 2 ideas without even blinking an eye.  They get paid by the facility so their consultation is free.  STRONGLY recommend giving them a call.  He is going to send me an email with additional options – I am so glad I called!

Alisa M.

I worked with David when trying to find a new community for my Grandfather. Incredibly helpful, responsive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and speedy. This process can overwhelmingly difficult, it was so wonderful to feel like I had a great advocate on my side. Thanks again David.

Jonathan D.

She came up with some great options for my mom, was super kind and responsive, and didn’t charge me a dime.  If you are seeking options for senior care,  you would do well to give her a call.

Jody C.

I am very grateful for David’s help and particularly grateful for the speed in which he addressed a close friend’s situation. David has excellent communication, a genuine willingness to find an appropriate safe place for the senior and the organizational skills to follow through.  I was impressed with his ability to set up next day weekend appointments at four facilities. He helped my friend tour the facilities and assisted her in asking the right questions.  He stayed on budget and truly listened to the needs of the senior seeking a placement.  David helped my friend place her husband in an board and care home faster than I have ever seen it happen.

R P.

Rachel worked tirelessly to help find an assisted living home for my elderly mom with dementia. We had many criteria, but she was always responsive and patient with us. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance.  I highly recommend their services.

Karen L.

I worked with Rachel. She is just the loveliest and most understanding young women. She helped me to navigate the difficult world of senior placement for a person with Alzheimer’s and she was amazing.Rachel showed genuine empathy for our situation and showed me what was available for my 88 year old mother. Her help raised my knowledge levels and lessened my stress so that I could make the right decisions for my mom.

I highly recommend the service. There are many different places and they all look fairly similar, but Rachel knows the inside information and will help you negotiate the best one for your families needs.

D C A.

These folks lived up to their company name “Exceptional Senior Placement Services”!
My husband and I live in Hawaii and we needed assistance to relocate his mother from a senior living facility in Washington State to California.

My mother-in-law had very specific requests and we had a group of 4 family members involved in helping with the relocation process.  None of us had experience in the arena.  As soon as we contacted David, he jumped right in to help coordinate our group.

One of my mother-in-laws requests was to have her moved into her new place by the end of September, which only have us about a month and a half.

David found locations that best fit my mother-in-laws requests…. at times the requested changed daily… but David was patient and accommodating.  David even helped us find people to unload and unpack her belongings.  His follow-up and response times were amazing.

I am happy to say, that we moved her into her new place in Livermore, CA this past weekend… as scheduled… the 3rd week of September.  We are all very happy with her new living facility.

I highly recommend Exceptional Senior Placement Services!!

Catalina C.

If I could give them 10 stars, I would!

My husband and I were looking to move my mother-in-law from Virginia to an Assisted Living Facility in California. We had no clue where to even start – and then I came across Exceptional Senior Placement Services on Yelp. A true GIFT.

I called immediately and David picked up. He asked me questions to gain an understanding of the situation. He was very helpful in explaining the process of moving an elder into an AL facility specific to California. He answered all of the questions I had. We exchanged emails after that and his amazing wife, Rachel, stepped in to help get us a list of wonderful assisted living facilities in the areas we were looking.

Every time I had a question, a rambled thought, or just needed insight or advice, I would reach out to them. They are SUPER responsive and thorough. The trust was immediately built as their warmth and knowledge come across in every interaction. They scheduled site tours for facilities that were within our specifications based on what my MIL wanted and needs. I felt an instant connection with them from day one and would HIGHLY recommend their services to everyone.

We’ve had to postpone my mother-in-law’s move to California for the time being, however, as soon as we’re closer to the move date I will most definitely be reaching out to Rachel and David for their further guidance and expertise.

Words can’t express our gratitude for your help! Something as personal as this really could not be handled by a better-suited team of kind, professional, personable, knowledgeable and responsive individuals.

Tara W.

I was referred to Exceptional Senior Placement (ESP) by Kaiser-Permanente, after it became clear that my father was going to need a higher level of care.  I felt a sense of urgency, but was in such unfamiliar territory.  I had to ramp up fast, and felt quite overwhelmed.  I called ESP, not at all sure what to expect, and got David.  In that very first phone call, I started to relax.  I found David to not only be very easy to talk with, he genuinely wants to find the very best living situation for his clients.  He’s a wealth of knowledge in this space, and has a very supportive, calming effect.  David clearly goes the extra mile to find potential facilities that would be an excellent match for his clients.  I found him to be very accessible, and so kind and supportive during our calls.  David quickly set up tours for us to view facilities.  I so appreciated having him there with me, asking the right questions which I didn’t know to ask, helping me navigate this new world while keeping the best interests of my father in mind.  I highly recommend the services of ESP.  They really care, are committed to helping others and I promise you’ll be in the very best of hands.

Carolyn F.

For months I felt discouraged and overwhelmed trying to find care for my dad who has dementia. My family and I were not happy with the current assisted living facility he was in. I was advised to call Exceptional Senior Placement Services and this is the best gift given to my family and me.

David and Rachel are angels. I felt like I was alone and swimming up a creek however David took the time to listen to the needs of my dad and family and he and his wife went to work right away. I gave him a tall, almost unrealistic request and wasn’t sure if I was asking for too much. However within 48 hours, David and Rachel had facilities lined up for me to visit.

David met me at each facility and asked important questions on my behalf. He took time to debrief with me after each tour. I was so impressed by his empathy and thoughtfulness. Rachel was so patient the numerous times I called. She is thoughtful and caring. Thanks to David and Rachel my dad will be moving to his new facility where he will receive the care he needs.

I stepped into a different chapter of life which has opened my eyes to how broken our country is with regards to elder care and that you have to fend for yourself. It really is discouraging. David and Rachel, however, has brought me hope that there are good people out there who are doing amazing work and helping families in tremendous ways.

Joanna T.

My Dad and I were completely overwhelmed trying to find a long term care placement for my one hundred year old grandmother. After a visit to the hospital for a fall, we worked with an onsite social worker to find her a care facility. It was a small residential care home that was a terrible fit. For three months they called us almost every day with some issue, needing us to calm my grandmother down via facetime because she was so unhappy being there. It got to the point they asked her to leave. After getting her home and realizing that she still wasn’t capable of taking care of herself, I took to researching local facilities, but there were SO many options. We were completely overwhelmed! After a particularly grueling day of taking care of my grandmother and trying to work my way through my mountain of a to-do list at the same time, I logged onto yelp in desperation. Due to a high rating, I was immediately drawn to Exceptional Senior Placement Services and decided to leave them a message. Rachel called me back a short time later, and we had a fantastic conversation. She immediately put my mind at ease! In less than twenty-four hours she sent me a list of possible placement options, with explanations why they would be a good fit for my grandmother. She walked us through the whole process, and even came with us to tour the first and only facility we needed to take a look at before deciding it was a good match.

My grandmother put up a real fight about being moved into a care home, but after moving in, she’s really happy there (which if you knew her, you would understand what a miracle that is!) and doing great! Our stress level has gone way, way down, and all of this is thanks to Rachel and Exceptional Senior Placement. I would recommend them to everybody!

Jessica S.

David is the BEST!  I live in Honolulu and needed to find a memory care facility for my mother in the East Bay. I was so confused and overwhelmed but David stepped in and everything made sense. David worked with me via phone and email to help me find a great place for her.  We talked about my mom and her needs and he offered several suggestions and even made appointments for me when I was in town.  I had several rough days and David was able to offer wonderful guidance and calm my frazzled nerves.  If you are looking to place a loved one in assisted living give David a call. He will make it all so much easier for you and your family.

Cheryl B.

This agency works wonders to help place your loved one in an amazing home. It literally took one week for me to find a stellar home with great carrgivers for my mom.

Thanks again!

Makia W.
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