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There really are no words to describe how thankful I am for David & ESP services! After juggling my Mom’s journey with ALZ her household & my own it was time to make a change to transition her from in-home to memory care but where, how ? I was so lost at what the first steps would be. As I was looking for care facilities I had no idea what memory care was or what the details were for assisted living. There were so many options & how much did they cost ? Thinking about how much time it would take to find her a place was very overwhelming. I stumbled across ESP on Yelp & decided to take a chance. I had no idea there were services like this, had I known I might have made the decision sooner. At this point I was willing to pay for help & to find out their services are w/out charge felt unreal. David was extremely informative & helpful. It was like relief finally! Taking the time to understand who my Mom is, budget, her needs with her condition, location etc. Then providing me with places to tour & accompanying me helped so much during such a nerve-wracking time. His non-biased direction on choosing the best place for my Mom was very refreshing. There was no pressure, just guiding me along the journey & giving me the knowledge of what to expect & brainstorming on what questions to ask. Always responding right away to any calls/emails. Just heaven sent! May God bless their lives always because what they do is appreciated beyond measures!
Thank you David!