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I feel like without this business and without David, my life would be a complete mess. David was amazing for myself and my fiance when we were trying to locate where my mother could go. I always knew there was assisted living; however, based off my mother’s health I knew she needed more than that and felt like there was no place for her. WRONG

When we first had our call with David, we explained our situation, how my mother’s health has been declining and that we put our life on hold to really manage my mother’s life. David took the time to listen to us, explain that there are places for my mother and that it will take time, but we will get there. His reassurance helped us tremendously and his patience with us was amazing.

He took us on a couple tours around the area to let us see the various options that way we have an idea in our head what we would like for my mother. After telling David what we liked and disliked about each facility, what my mother would prefer/dislike, he took the time to find a couple facilities that would be a possible good fit for her.

After 3-4 months of working with David, we finally found a perfect home for my mother. Our lives are back where I can be a daughter again to my mother rather than being the caretaker. Even though this is only the beginning, I know that if we have any issues further down the road, David will always be there for us.