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In mid-2022 it became apparent that it was time to start thinking about a new home for my husband. His physical condition was deteriorating due to a neurological disease. Where to start our search? Yelp reviews led me to ESP and the owner, David. At the time, I was very stressed. Between daily visits to my husband in the skilled nursing facility where he ended up after breaking his hip and trying to imagine a realistic solution, I needed help. David from the very first phone call was reassuring and supportive. He asked great questions to gain an understanding of our needs. He understood that the very idea of my husband moving to assisted living was wrenching for both of us. David came up with several recommendations. He created a comprehensive list showing the benefits and disadvantages of a number of nearby assisted living facilities. He kept in mind that it was important to remain in our city. Ultimately, he made appointments for me at two places in Concord. Oakmont at Montecito was right down the street from our present home. To my delight, I learned that I would be able to live there with my husband in a two or three bedroom apartment. We could stay in our neighborhood! And be close to many long-time friends. David helped me figure out the timing to get on the waiting list and then followed up with me as my husband progressed with rehab. Ultimately, my husband surprised everyone and aced the stairway climbing exercises so he was able to return home. We still planned to move to the assisted living facility, but as we had selected one of the largest types of apartments, we knew it would be a wait. Sadly, my husband passed away the week before I was to take him on a tour of the facility. One of the most heartbreaking things to me about his death, was that he was so excited about moving to Montecito with me. David had helped me find what I knew and my husband believed would be a perfect home. David was very kind after my husband’s death and encouraged me to think about my own needs. I am in good health, so I don’t anticipate a move to assisted living for many years, but I have given David’s info to my family in case I need a nudge to make a change. I would 100% recommend Exceptional Senior Placement Services for anyone looking for professional and compassionate assistance in finding a home for older family members.