I have been working Exceptional Senior Placement Services (ESP) and Mona Lalchandani for over five years. I have rarely seen an organization so committed to their clients and their families. I have referred several of my clients, friends and colleagues to ESP and know that they will receive exceptional service. Their knowledge of the local board and care homes and assisted living facilities is extensive. It’s obvious they are highly regarded by the senior service providers with whom they work.

Joann Sullivan

Late one evening several months ago, a woman and her sister called me because their mother was in crisis—they needed to find a facility for their mother right away. I gave them the ESP number and told them to wait until the next day to call. They called immediately and the call was picked up, even though the counselor was in the middle of a dinner party. She talked to them for a long time that evening and they got together the next morning. They visited several facilities and by noon, they had found the perfect program for their mom and they could relax after weeks of distress.

Janet Yelner

When I refer someone to ESP, I know they are going to receive a high-level of service. I trust their judgment completely and their services to clients and their families are free. I recommend ESP with no reservations.

Cathleen Bowen, RN