About eSeniorPlacement

Exceptional Senior Placement (ESP) began with one friend helping another in an emotional time of need. A comprehensive search was expedited for the friend’s love one and our first exceptional placement was made. At that moment, the foundation for our company was born and the very principles for which we still stand today were created.

We are not “a place for leads”. We are “placement advisors” with longstanding ties to the community in which we serve. We do not resell your information and we most certainly would never compromise your privacy.

Feel free to either give us a call at 510-910-0344 or fill out our initial interest form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Male nurse caring for an elderly patient

Compassion, dignity and respect guide our operation on a daily basis. It’s how we approach everyone that engages ESP and leverages our cost free placement services; that continue to help countless individuals and families find the perfect nurturing fit for their loved one.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the field, the team at ESP is uniquely familiar with the delicacies of Alzheimer’s, dementia and countless other conditions leading to doctor recommended care. Well established roots in the local communities, combined with personal relationships with every home and care facility within them help justify ESP’s ability to successfully chaperon families and their loved ones through one of life’s most difficult transitions.

Every placement experience is as unique as the individual and every requirement ESP caters to is treated as such. After every placement we help make a donation is made to select non-profits within the community to support organizations focused on the elderly, alzheimer’s and dementia. Giving back is at the heart of ESP.

Our staff remains active in both the community and with education surrounding most common causes driving the need for assisted living. We are constantly reminded in the fact that our next call could be news regarding one of our loved ones.

Contact ESP and let us help you find that perfect facility for your loved one.

The Exceptional Senior Placement Services Team

Mona Lalchandani, the founder of ESP, was raised in a culture that views seniors with respect and reverence which has guided her in helping hundreds of Bay Area seniors and their families. Her partners, Rachel and David Cohen share those same values and it is our mission to help support those that have come before us using our experience and trusted network.

Together we are a small team with a deep understanding of the communities we live in and a trusted process to help find the right long-term fit for our clients. Each year we tour over 600 communities with our clients and we have a pulse on the industry and look to use our expertise to better serve our clients.