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How ‘Super Aging’ Seniors Retain Youthful Memory Abilities
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Some loss of memory is often considered an inevitable part of aging, but new research reveals how some people appear to escape that fate. A study older adults whose memory performance is equivalent to that of younger individuals and finds that certain key areas of their brains resemble those of young people. The paper in…

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Forcing an obstinate parent to move can be wrenching.
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The story of Mary Casavecchia and the house she won’t leave began decades ago. There was a brief, disastrous marriage to a man who made her heart flutter, then abandoned her. She was on her own, raising two children on a bookkeeper’s pay. She never wanted to marry again. When it was time for Linda,…

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Best way to combat Alzheimer’s is a healthy lifestyle, studies show
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Lifestyle choices remain the best way to prevent and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s, according to another failed drug trial and a five-day-long international conference. Living a healthy, non-smoking, socially active and interesting life remains the best way to prevent dementia, confirmed several studies at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, which is just ending in Toronto,…

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Healthy Living: When to Choose Assisted Living?
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As your parents or other loved ones age, you eventually may face the decision to move them out of their home to an assisted living environment. But when will you know it’s time to move? Although every family is different, you may want to keep a watch for these signs to help you make an…

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You’ll take care of me when I’m old…right?
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Seventeen-year-old Maggie Ornstein was skiing in Lake Placid, New York—her first big trip away from home—when she got the phone call that changed her life. Her mother, Janet, 49, had suffered a brain aneurysm. “I was a senior in high school, and my biggest concerns until then were the prom, graduation and heading to college,”…

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