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Please review on how to spot the signs for Elder Abuse
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Elder abuse is a big problem and it comes in so many shapes and forms.  We can all do better by understanding the signs and being a part of the solution if and when we encounter situations of abuse.  The below infographic was provided by the National Institue on Aging.  Please take a look and…

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How to Handle Discovering Signs of Dementia During the Holidays
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It’s hard you haven’t seen a loved one in a while and you enter their home and notice something is off.  It’s just not the same house you remember entering year after year.  Maybe there are stacks of bills, dishes in the sink, old food in the fridge, it’s cluttered and not kept up the…

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Very interesting study with Children and Seniors. Let’s see more like this!
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Could this be the future of Senior Communities?  We love outside the box thinking when it comes to improving the lives of our Seniors and what a great experience for the kids.

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Isolated and Lonely: How Can We Avoid This?
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Overcoming loneliness and isolation: perspectives of the Longevity Explorers a group of Seniors. How do you avoid becoming isolated and lonely as you get older? Are there things you can do to help prevent this? Source: Isolated and Lonely: How Can We Avoid This?

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Understand Alzheimer’s Disease in 3 Minutes
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Video describes the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease—how it damages the brain and how it affects behavior—in a simple, clear way that anybody can understand. Every family caregiver should watch this to better understand what is happening with their loved one.  

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