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How to Help Your Aging Parents Manage Their Money
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A very important article from the NY Times with some really helpful tips on how to slowly navigate talking with your parents about money and making sure you are prepared to take over financial responsibilities should that time come. Read the full article here  

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The delicate issue of taking away a senior’s tech
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This article from the New Hampshire Union Leader contains really helpful and insightful tips on how to deal with technology and our loved ones experiencing dementia. It also shares additional clues that someone may be experiencing some cognitive decline look out for, as well as how we can help make their technology use less stressful. Read…

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7 new tech devices for elder care that help seniors live happier, healthier lives
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    We are really excited about the new wave of technology to support both our older adult clients and their families. Exceptional Senior Placement is constantly on the look out for ways the newest technology can help our families and this article from CNBC touches on few of those interesting products we have explored.…

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TED Talk: How to Live Passionately – No Matter Your Age
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Great Ted Talk to get us thinking about aging – something that, in case you haven’t noticed, affects us all.  Isabel Allende  reminds us all in this talk that aging is about attitude and it is great to start letting go and saying yes to life!  Watch this great TED Talk below:  

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Power Cutoffs And Protecting Aging Parents Living Alone
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A very timely piece from Forbes fresh off the recent blackouts and what has frequently been called our new norm in California.  It’s imperative that our loved ones are prepared and we have a family plan to keep everyone safe during the blackouts.  Please take the time to put a plan together and make sure…

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