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January 2019

Please review on how to spot the signs for Elder Abuse

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Elder abuse is a big problem and it comes in so many shapes and forms.  We can all do better by understanding the signs and being a part of the solution if and when we encounter situations of abuse.  The below infographic was provided by the National Institue on Aging.  Please take a look and share.

Thank you – Rachel and David CohenSpotting the signs of elder abuse. 1 in 10 adults 60+ are abused, neglected, or financially exploited. Abuse can be physical, neglect, financial, emotional, sexual, or abandonment. Watch for these signs: seems depressed/withdrawn. Isolation. Has unexplained bruises, burns, scars. Appears dirty, unfed, dehydrated, under/over medicated. Has bed sores. Recent changes in spending money. Talk w/ the older person then contact Adult Protective Services, police, or long term care ombudsman